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Eynsham Hall Oxfordshire

Imagine Vivienne Westwood meets Downton Abbey was the brief!

Transforming the main reception area into a lively and quirky space was no mean feat.  This old country mansion in Oxfordshire, once a police training centre was now a hugely popular wedding venue.  With 30,000 people a year passing through the lounge, we had to get it right.  This huge room next to the reception desk was dowdy, had a few oversized modern sofas and space for a Baby Grand.  It was only used as an overspill for wedding guests or a reception area for conferences and we wanted people to use the room, read their morning papers with a coffee, surf the web, all in a little comfort and some quirky style.  We added displays with a nod to the history of the house, introduced classical English furniture from George III to the 1920's.  Portriaits were hung.  The transformation was complete!

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